Jai Jinendra Jain Bandhu,

The website is under construction since long. Because of lack of active supports of Jains & also because I am not able to popularize it substantially, the matter is moving slowly since last two years. I am against taking any help of freely available social media as they are in fact earning from other sources and if I take this free-help, indirectly I am endorsing to what they are earning through indecent advertisements on my page. As I want to popularize my website ( a good cause for the Jain community) I will not take any help of such nature. I have started this page just to block the name of eDerasar so that nobody take undue advantage of this name. I have also registered with email ids of popular mail servers so that nobody can misguide with the said email ids.

The main mission of opening this website is based on simple logic of providing a common platform to Jain community where they can have all sorts of facilities, interactions and thereby diverted from seeing/ watching unwanted advertisements which are in fact promoting unethical businesses.

In recent time, inflation in the world has gone very high. To meet day-to-day expenses one has to develop new line of business and involve more & more family members in those line. The circle of inflation is never ending. In order to increase the income, various unwanted / unethical business is being introduced under pretext of various arguments in justification of those businesses. But they forget the main thing that how the said good / services is going to affect the actual customers.

As the cost of living of customer increases, one also go on some diversification / introduction of new business / services and the circle go on and on. I want to break this circle. The main cost in any business is the cost of advertisement. The main worry of any business is how to increase the customers and thereby earn more. I want to popularize this website for Jain communities with dual purpose and that is the reason I am referring it as Universal Hub for Jains. If all Jains become habituated with visiting this website, it will prove a boon for any business run by Jains who are taking the help of this website. They will get more customers here. Another thing is that the cost of advertisement in this website is almost ‘NIL’. We are not charging any Advertisement Fees for publishing your business advertisements (Photo / Text) . The business line must be acceptable in the broad guidelines of Jain Dharma being practised in recent times, that is the only condition. So almost ‘NIL’ advertisement cost & ready market of Jain community, will help you a lot for your business development and thereby reduce your cost of goods/services. You can pass on that benefit to Customers and thus help them to reduce their cost of living so indirectly help them to stop doing unethical / additional business/services. If this is successful, the whole circle of inflation will go on reverse side and cost of living will definitely reduce to a very very low level.

From your business / services, at a later stage when you feel that you are now stabilized in your venture, you are free to donate something to this website for better management of it. If you are not able to donate in the form of money, still you can feel satisfied by helping to popularize the website by writing eDerasar.com on your bill / publish eDerasar.com on your website (of course with our prior written approval only).

We have no feeling of competition so anybody who is involved in promoting Jainism Principles and want to advertise through us, most welcome and we will provide all help in publishing the materials for the same.

At present we are providing the Home Page in such a manner that one can watch it through any Smartphone / Desktop , and thus  serve so many purposes like if you have failed to visit Derasar, you can at least visit this eDerasar and have same feeling of visiting Derasar physically. You still can contribute any Photo of Tirthankar / Temple / Good Quotes / Observations etc. and earn ‘Punya’ without spending anything. If any of your relatives are hospitalized and want to have the ‘Dev Darshan’, this page prove very handy and satisfy in all respect.

What I personally believe that promoting so many Derasar in each & every society / pole will serve the purpose only if there is ‘real’ jains are available to visit them. I am excluding Derasar built on road sides which help to Sadhu Bhagvants and Sadhvijis. They provide shelter on their way to have ‘Vihar’ from one place to another place. So in fact we have enough number of Jain Temples. We  have to concentrate on maintaining / developing true jains. This can be achieved only if we concentrate on various aspects like opening Jain Pathsalas / Schools / Universities, Jain Bhojansala / Restaurants, Jain Hospitals, Jain Shopping Malls, Jain Travels, Jain Dharmashala /Hotels / Function Halls etc. Our main goal is to give importance to ‘Aam’ Jain – a less privileged Jain ‘Atma’. We have to channelize earning from legitimate businesses / services, to promote Jainism. If we have overcharged / extra charged on goods / services, not paid legitimate taxes etc. and then donate generously for promoting Jainism, I am against this logic. Pure money be used for promotion of Jainism and then only it will help in promoting real Jainism.

In today times, Jain Bhojanshala / Dharmashala has become more commercial then helping Jains. In old times, most of Jain Bhojanshalas were keeping ‘Molu’ (non-spices) meals so that it was helping lots of people. Now-a-days spices items only served and which leads to increase of Medical Bills of so many Jains. We should introduce ‘Molu’ (non-spices) items as many as possible and indirectly serve Jains. Another items observed that we feel that each person – atma- is going to ‘Mox’ at any later stage so we are following the practice of ‘Sangh Poojan’ wherein toe of each Jain is being cleaned with the help of water, as a matter of respect to them. But this has become a mechanical thing and logic behind this is forgotten at all. So when a Jain visit any Jain Pilgrimages, Jain Dharmashala is not available / affordable to such common Jain people. Jain Dharmashala is being promoted as Jain Hotels only and no place for such common people. There should be some space for such common / less-privileged Jains, I personally believe. Donors for such Dharmashala / Bhojanshalas must take care of this thing while donating pl.

In case of any Jain functions, ‘Chadava’ - 'Ghee' - 'Boli' is the main thing which shows that if you have money, you can enjoy everything in Jain Rituals / Functions. So if you are less-privileged, you have to simply seat & watch affluent jains to take active part in such Functions / Rituals . Thus this common / less-privileged Jain become a part of mass gathering only. In day-to-day rituals in any Derasar, there is a practice of ‘Ghee’ ‘boli’ which suggest that even if you are first to come to Derasar, if you have no money, any affluent Jain come at the last moment, has first right to perform the said rituals and you have to just watch & cheer it. All these practices be stopped and common / less-privileged Jain be given due importance. I do agree that money is backbone of any activity so some rituals must be spared for common / less-privileged jains wherein the person who is taking ‘Chadava’ ‘Ghee' 'Boli’ should allow other people to take part and let them feel better and feel that they are also important part of Jain community.

It is also observed that to earn ‘Punya’ on a mass scale, what ‘Pap’ is being done, is ignored. For example in a early morning function to attract masses, there is a system of providing ‘Navkarsi’. So in fact what happens that to take advantage of .Navkarsi’, so many people try to attend the same function but they take bath in the very early morning ( this causes lots of ‘jiv hinsa’ if hot water is used). Also some Jains are having ‘Chauvihar’ on previous day, they will compromise in the morning by doing mouth wash before leaving for this function so here also lots of ‘Pap’ is being done. Also the food being prepared in the very early hours of the day and that is also not advisable. In case of rich Angi in the evening and daily use of Flowers etc. in the Jain temples, there is no proper system of disposing off the same very next day. They are being piled up for days and disposed off at later stage. Meanwhile lots of things happening to this which can’t be expressed here.

I do agree that while visiting Derasar, we must offer best things to our Tirthankars just like we are visiting to our fore-fathers' home and taking best possible things for them as a token of respects. But the difference is that whatever we have offered in Derasar, is Dev-Dravya and we, as Jains, are not allowed to use the same for personal use, just like in case of visiting our fore-fathers house, we can enjoy it. Here also we have to consider the fact that Derasar authorities are disposing off the same by giving it to Pujari or some outsiders and keep the money received from such sale, for Derasar purpose. If we can change the system here and consider the common / less-privileged Jain, lots of things be done and it will serve the best alternatives for donors who are engaged in helping  on monthly basis to such less-privileged jains by providing food cereals , oil etc. In case of Jain Bhoj Function  on a mass scale called Swami Vatsalay - be also avoided and the materials saved should be donated to less-privileged jain families. In most of Jain functions, which run into the whole day, there is arrangement of ‘Chauvihar’ and it is being followed strictly but the function last till mid-night. The very purpose of ‘Chauvihar’ is forgotten. If such function ends after ‘Chauvihar’ it will be more appreciable. Also it is observed that some gift articles/booklets are being distributed during such mass gathering but the real fact is that when the Jain people go for lunch/dinner(chauvihar) they carry such gift articles with them (in some cases they carry the same with them in washrooms), and this cost them ‘pap’ instead of earning any ‘punya’. So donors should give importance of distributing such gifts. It should be distributed only while Jains leave the venue.

In case of Jain Derasar visit by Jains, Dressing be regularized. One must think of other people whose attention is diverted because of indecent dressing by ladies/gents.

I am advocating for celebrating various days as Jain Festivals Day, in a week / bi-weekly / month.Though there are various festivals in Jain Dharma and few of Jains are observing fast etc on that day but i am advocating some different type of festivals where Jains can take part on mass basis. These days be observed provided no Jain Festival / Jain Ceremony falls on that day.

1. Upvas Day, every Atham / Chaudas, Jains should observe Upvas. If they are not able to observe Upvas, they have to donate one full-meal to a person or donate that much materials to needy people on that day.It can be done for Animals / Birds etc.

2. Panchtirth Yatra Day. Sunday should be observed as Panchtirth Yatra Day and one should visit at least 5 Jain temples within the same area, town, city on that day. I am of the view that Small Van type vehicles be provided after Sunrise to Midday wherein some circular route of 5 or more Jain Temple be fixed and every 5 to 10 minutes there should be availability of this vehicle at the doorstep of each temple covered so that one can easily complete Panchtirth Yatra. Those who are not able to do this, they can satisfied themselves by taking active part in providing other services associated with this Panchtirth Yatra.

3.Jin Pooja Day - every Poonam. It is observed that many Jains are visiting Jain Temples at various known Tirth on every Poonam. Instead of this if they promote Jin Pooja Day on that day, in their nearby Temple, it will be a better proposition. It can be observed something differently. If you can take part in Jin Pooja it is well & good but by chance if you are not able to take part, you can donate the materials used for Jin Pooja to less priviledged jains. If you can afford to donate some fruits & sweets, you can do that on that day by providing it to less priviledged jains & non-jains.

4.Vadil Day - Mother-Father Get-to-Gether Day.- Parents Day. On the Birth Tithi of each Tirthankar, this day should be observed and allow elderly member of the family to take part in the ceremony. The ceremony be decided at local level of Sangh concerned. It may be Function, Swami Vatsalya, Panchtirthi Yatra (local / outstation) for a day.

5.Jainism Day - on Sunday. After Panchtirth Yatra Day observations by Midday, there should be get-to-gether of all Jains in their different groups like Jain Couple, Jain Youngsters, Jain Juniors etc. and decide on their own what cultural activity relating to Jainism be carried out during those hours upto Sunset. It may be mutually agreed & shared by the concerned groups. There should be only one group for each category and no quarrel by forming different groups by different persons. Space & Kitchen facility be allowed free of charge by local Temple committee.

In short, i want to promote simple & sober life style among jains wherein they are  most benefited and so that they can concentrate on Jin-Bhakti and achieve their goal of ‘mox’ at early stage of their ‘Bhav-yatra’

Jai Jinendra