If you are providing any special services like handling Social Group Activity, Jain Sangh, Providing Any Financial Help to Jains, Any special services to benefit Jain community, Appeal for Donation for Education, Save Animal, Medicine Help etc. and want to publish your advertisement with special page for you, we provide them here free of charge. Our benefit is that we get Jain people trafic here.

We also provide free email services which are easily manageable through outlook in your desktop.

This services will be provided free till we are not liable to pay any extra for such additional services.

We are also interested in providing special page for various contacts available in various towns / city regarding Medical Help for Animals, creatures, Blood Donors data maintenance etc.

For any such services, pl. do contact us immediately on cell # 09323524660 - Mumbai


Jai Jinendra


Dilip P Shah
India -09323524660
USA - 1-727-599-0575

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