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Jay Jinendra. Thanks for visiting to Universal Hub for Jains. Special Request, behave just like you are physically entering in a  Jain Temple. Remove your Shoes/Chappals while watching this page. Also ensure that you are not eating anything while watching this page. If you had some eating sometime back pl. ensure that you had glass of water thereafter. Ladies can avoid this site during their period time pl.
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This portal is a Common Meeting Place / Universal Hub for all Jain irrespective whether he/she belongs to Svetambara or Digambara or Svetambaras sub-sects like Sthanakavasi, Terapanthi or Murtipujaka etc. or Digambara sub-sects like Bisapanthi, Kanjipanthi, Taranapanthi, Terapanthi or Srimadi etc.
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